This gorgeous Learjet 60-XR offers state-of-the-art combination of range, speed and comfort which has made the Learjet 60-XR one of the world's most popular midsize jets. The Learjet 60-XR's rethought, redesigned interior provides passengers with even more space and better cabin functionality. This exceptional aircraft provides the performance expected in a high-end jet. You and your guests will enjoy the generous cabin space and luxurious plush leather seats. The aircraft easily accommodates up to 6 passengers. There's plenty of room to move around and stretch your legs or just sit back and experience our state-of-the-art DVD entertainment system and Air Show. A flight phone, mini-galley and enclosed lavatory are also featured. The Learjet 60-XR is among the quietest in its class, virtually assuring unrestricted access to noise sensitive airports. Best of all, our highly trained pilots and crew ensure you arrive at your destination safely, on-time and totally refreshed

* This aircraft does not have Wi-Fi.
  • 6


Enclosed LAV
TV/Air Show
CD Player
Leather Seats

Passenger Capacity

Up to 6

2,496 Nautical Miles

Cruise Speed:
440 KTS

Cabin Length:
17' 8

Cabin Height:
5' 9"

Cabin Width:
5' 11"

Baggage Space:
59 Cubic Feet

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