Our Commitment to Safety – COVID-19  Information


  • Empty-leg flights may be purchased at considerable savings compared to normal charter rates. However, severe travel restrictions apply. Availability is not guaranteed and last minute changes and/or cancellations may occur. If your travel dates and times are flexible, this type of travel may work for you. If your travel dates and times are not flexible, call our office for a regular charter quote.
  • All flights listed are not necessarily empty-legs. Some may be one-ways which are not as economical. The difference between the two is an empty-leg is already partially funded through fleet optimization or some other means, while a one-way is not already funded. One-ways are therefore more expensive. 

How To Get Your Price

  1. Find a flight in the list which generally matches your desired itinerary and travel date(s). An exact match is not necessary. We will reposition our jets to serve your individual travel needs – but it will cost more to do so. How much more depends on which airports you choose other than the airports listed.
  2. Call or email us your exact itinerary (dates, desired departure and arrival airports, etc).
  3. Get your price!

It’s That Simple!

Please remember we must have your desired departure and arrival airports to give you a price!

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